Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Sharing creates Inspiration!

I read an article last year that was posted in the 12 x 12 Members Group on FaceBook. It was shared from a PiBoldMo posting called "CeCe Bell Hires Herself."   (12 x 12 and PiBoldMo are groups dedicated to Picture Book support, encouragement, accomplishments and so much more.)

The article highlighted her very clever idea where she created illustration projects for herself to complete. For 100 days, she pulled creative pairings finished in two hours or less. "The rewards of her little project were COPIOUS!"

This inspired me. It spoke to my all too quiet MUSE. I decided to create my own personal exercises in illustration geared towards my horse art. I have to say, in only six days I have found the odd combinations the most fun to paint.

And the BEST part? I have been painting everyday!!!


Friday, December 19, 2014


Let's talk about OBSESSION and PASSION today.
My name is Claire. I am a rescue from Granbury Friends For Animals in Acton, Texas. I am told that I am a sweet mix of Labrador and something with a touch of Heeler thrown in. Kind of a HEELADOR, if you will. No matter, I am sixty five pounds of cute, whatever I am made up of.
In this picture, I have my favorite toy in my mouth. See how I hold it up for you to see? I really LOVE my red ball. I live to chase it, capture it, carry it, chew on it, and keep an eye on it. I adore and have great affection for it. You might say I am OBSESSED with my red ball. When we look at the definition of obsession, we find a state of being beset, a state of being obsessed with someone or something, (perhaps a red ball) and it continually preoccupies or intrudes on the mind. So yes, I am obsessed.
But, for a dog, that is alright. God uses me to demonstrate in my lack of shame for my obsession, your permission to have passions. A passion is defined as a strong or barely controllable emotion. Sometimes you humans call them dreams. Your deepest dreams ignite your hearts and fill your souls with joy. Did you know dreams are from God and inspire a deep devotion inside you that holds the promise of fulfillment. Anything, in line with God's will and helps others which gives glory to Him is GREAT! It is why He places passion and desires in your hearts to begin with.
So, as your pursue your passions in life, be more like me. When I want my humans to play with me and throw my red ball, I don't make them guess. I don't second guess or hesitate, I let them know right up front what I want. Let's play! You go out and chase your dreams like I chase my red ball! Be a little silly. No shame. No doubts. If you love something and it makes you happy go pursue and work at it. Pray on it, plan it out, take steps and reach your goals. No matter how big or small. Tell God your dreams and to reveal to you what to do to make them come true. God enjoys us to be up front like that. You would be amazed at what the Lord wants for you if you only had the faith to ask!


Friday, June 27, 2014


©2014 Sheri Cook
I feel inspiration coming on for some Picture Book ideas....